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StrongMan Acrobatics

Strongman Acrobats -  perfect corporate entertainment!
Traditional Victorian Strongman Acrobatics with a comedy twist! This hand to hand act is performed to traditional circus music with a modern beat. This Hand to Hand acrobatic performance will leave your audiences on the edge of their seats! Tounge in cheek humor will cause belly laughs throughout the audience. Warning, not for the faint hearted! Perfect for Corporate dinners! Exciting meet and greet entertainment for weddings! Prices Starting From - £620 - Meet and greet entertainment £649- Duo strong man acrobatic show + meet and greet entertainment £1000 - Stilt walking, strong man show and duo diabolo show Call now for more information on this act! Bristol Based entertainers avaliable for international and national work. For more circus acts please visit my corporate entertainment agency Circus Uncertainty

Strongman Acrobats - Comedy, Theatrics and Acrobatics